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"Smiling Red Hill Beaver snacking on willow branch." Photo submitted by John J. Gieson, Town of Denning, NY.   July 2016  

    Ulster County Department of Health is looking to reach out to the public so that the
    county may see what and where healthcare needs are in our county.
                    ( Link to Health needs Survey )

    Together, the Ulster County Department of Health and hospitals throughout Ulster County, NY, will use the results of this
    short survey and other information to help improve health programs in your community.
    Your responses are completely anonymous. Please submit your responses by September 15, 2016.
    Thank you for your participation!

    May 25, 2016 - DEC Issues Emergency Regulations for the Blue Hole:
    Significant increase in Visitors Lead to New Regulations to Make the Popular Blue Hole Swimming Area Safer and Cleaner
    While Protecting New York City's Public Water Supply.
            ( Link to Regulations and more info. - )

    The Emergency Regulations will:
  • Restrict hours that the area is open (except for the nearby designated camping area) to one half hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset;
  • Require the use of the portable restroom facilities for human waste disposal and the dumpster for all other waste;
  • Prohibit camping, all fires (including charcoal fires, wood fires, gas grills, propane stoves or other portable stoves) and the use of portable generators at the Blue Hole. (Limited use of the above will be allowed at the nearby designated camping area only);
  • Limit parking to designated parking areas (parking along the shoulder of the road is already prohibited by the Town and is a Tow Away Zone); and,
  • Prohibit glass containers, radios and other audio devices.

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