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1916 Claryville Postcard
This postcard from Otto Hillig's collection was postmarked 1916. On the left is the Santoro house and the Blue Hill Lodge (partially visible). Closer to the foreground on the right (behind the fence), is probably Del Murray's Hotel (later owned by two other families before it burned down) and currently the Town Highway Barn. We'd be interested in hearing any information about the property between Del Murray's and the barn with the open door. Also if you have any old pictures or history you are willing to share please contact the Town Clerk or Town Historian?  

    June 2, 2015 - Meals on Wheels Survey: Please note STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! This is a needs based program.
    Call the Town Clerk, Joy Monforte at the Town Hall for info 985-2411.
    Link to the one page Survey (small PDF form) to Download and mail to Town Clerk PO Box 277, Claryville, NY 12725

    This is a survey to assess the needs of our community.
    If you know of anyone in need, please let them know and help them, if needed to participate.

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