Redtail Hawk
"Beautiful Redtail Hawk in the Clear Blue Sky over Red Hill" - Photo by John J. Gieson, 2013.
Velvet Buck
"Velvet Buck looking for aspiring hunters"... Photo, somewhere in Denning. Photographer would not reveal it's location. Hunting license on sale. August 2012
Town Sign
"A beautiful flower box under the Town Hall Sign, planted by the Town Clerk and enjoyed all Summer long." Photo by John J. Gieson, August 2012
Snow Mobile
"Beautiful Snowy Day on Red Hill" - November 2012 - Photo submitted by Tammy Beck
Red Ice Falls
"Red Ice Falls..." as seen along the road sides in the Town of Denning - this is an old photo in Frost Valley submitted by John J. Gieson 2011
Barred Owl
"Owl sitting in the snow..." off my back porch in the shade taking a break from the pesky crows annoying chase.
Barred Owl - Photo submitted by Carl Landon Red Hill, Town of Denning, NY. March 2013.   cl-Logo
Winters River
"Winters River with Snow..." as seen in the valleys of the Town of Denning, NY. This is an old photo submitted by John J. Gieson in January 2010
"Turkeys in the snow... The hens appear too cold to be bothered." Photo submited by the Carminati's - Town of Denning, Red Hill, NY. April 2013.
Denman Mountain
"October's Early Morning Sunrise" as seen from Red Hill overlooking the back side of Denman Mountain - Photo by John J. Gieson, October 1, 2012
Eagle Neversink
"Eagle fishing the Neversink River in Claryville" - Photo by Karl Von Hassel, Town of Denning, NY - 2014.
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