UC Law No. 13 of 2015 False Alarm Reduction Act

UC Law No. 13 of 2015 False Alarm Reduction Act

False Alarm Reduction Act, Ulster County Local Law 13 of 2015

The False Alarm Reduction Act, which requires property owners to have a permit for alarm systems, goes into effect on January 1, 2016. Under the law, it is a violation for anyone to cause an alarm system to operate which results in a call to the Ulster County Sheriff, police officers, and other first responders, such as firefighters and emergency services, without a valid permit issued by the Ulster County Sheriff. A separate permit is required for each alarm system. An application fee of $10 applies. Click here to become familiar with this law.

Property Owners, download the application via the link below:
Alarm System Permit Application

Here is a link to the Ulster County Sheriffs Home page for info on this new law.

This link has the summary of Said Law.

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